WINGECO is there, but you can’t see it. Divides, but unites. Protects without being perceived.


WINGECO is the Genoa-based company that designs and installs envelopes, sliding doors and glasswalls, balustrades, closing elements in glass and aluminum for marine and architectural application
Our goal is to create invisible barriers that offer the best seal and the best protection. A WINGECO barrier seals an environment and protects it from external agent or climatic adversity, but at the same time it faces the outside world thanks to the visibility.
We are a young company, but our team has been working in the sector for more than forty years, putting its experience and specific skills at the service of the market. We offer customized solutions, tailored to each customer and every single need, controlling the entire supply chain and respecting delivery and installation milestones.


“Water flows on the hull and roars, sings or whispers according to the wind, according to the sky, depending on whether the sunset was red or gray.” (Bernard Moitessier, navigator and writer)

For some the sea is just water. For others it is fun, it is an escape from everyday life. For others, the sea is … simply inexplicable. We could say that the sea is the true face of the infinite, which is discovered through the abyss. We could say that the sea is the most authentic spectacle of nature, which contrasts with the limitations of the human being.

Whatever the sea is, the important thing is to live it. Those who love it just stand still admiring every nuance. This is why WINGECO designs, builds and installs glass structures and barriers that allow you to experience the sea in a safe and engaging way. Our technology for an invisible closure allows to defend the interior of the ship from the threats of the marine world and from climatic anomalies, at the same time allowing you to admire the beauty of the sea without any apparent limitation.


From the equator to the extreme poles of the world, a large boat always has a story to tell.

And a great owner always has a new adventure to undertake to attract its client, remotness areas to be discovered. We at WINGECO design the most technologically innovative solutions for the protection of cabins and public spaces against the aggression of the marine environment: doors, windows, screens, barriers, accesses for the disabled and much more.


With the refitting we restore what the sea has taken. The repair, restoration and modernization of a ship are operations that require efficacy and attention to detail. We install new generation screens and restore existing ones.


Luxury, escape, adventure. The design of glass structures, balustrades, barriers and other elements takes place following the precise requests of the owner. Each solution will be unique, cared for in every detail, ready to make you discover the spectacle of the marine world.


Even a single transfer can become an unforgettable adventure. A sea voyage without visual barriers will be an engaging experience and will allow the seaman to participate undisturbed in the immensity of nature. With WINGECO the barrier is there, but it cannot be seen.


Invisibility and maximum protection. Our company is the best technological partner for the protection and camouflage of sea defenders. Our glass and aluminum structures are ready for every challenge, and offer the best performance even in extreme situations.


“The skyscraper, at dusk, is a sparkling verticality, a thin veil, a bright curtain stretched against the dark sky to dazzle, amuse and amaze.” (Frank Lloyd Wright, architect)

Construction is a fertile ground for experimentation and technological innovation. Just think of the buildings of the last century and the modern skyscrapers that lap the sky and shape the skyline of the cities to which they belong.

The goal is to build intelligent buildings: technological, safe, energy-efficient, but above all with a “wow” effect, both for those who admire them from the outside and for those who experience them from the inside.

Solutions such as glass envelopes in high-rise buildings determine a new flow between inside and outside, a two-way relationship between the inhabitant – or merchant – and the world around. Curtain walls, solar shading, doors and windows, “shopfront” and other elements with a strong architectural impact: we provide each customer with customized solutions thanks to full control of the supply chain, from production to installation.



We go beyond the simple closure, creating a screen that connects the inside with the outside. An entirely glazed curtain wall is a plugging solution hanging from a skeleton structure: it delimits, protects, interacts.



The only limit is the customer’s imagination. We are able to design special doors and windows designed to meet specific environmental and structural needs and requirements, from aesthetics to automation: personalized access offers security and eliminates the boundaries with maximum functionality.



Together with the client we study the perfect dress of the structure. We design special claddings that have the dual function of decorating and defending from proihibiting temperatures



We create structures and partition walls in aluminum and glass and other light and performing materials, suitable for different application solutions. Each solution can be customized and designed according to the final requirement.

Operational Headquarters:
Via Geirato, 150/R e 152/R CAP 16138 Genoa (GE) ITALY
+39-010-8179990 / 991
Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
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