A simple sea crossing can be incredibly exciting. Today, thanks to the numerous means of transport available, choosing one over another can depend on various factors. One of these is the emotional experience, capable of transforming a trip into a real journey.

Those who choose to take a ferry certainly do so for the possibility of transporting their own vehicle, but not only. Setting sail at sunset and arriving at sunrise observing the red circle of the sun rising over the water, experiencing the emotion of feeling you are a point in the middle of the boundless sea, relaxing or having fun in a floating area large enough to do anything: the sensations that a boat crossing can give are unique.

WINGECO builds barriers… without borders. We design glass structures and elements that allow people to have an engaging experience in total safety, and that allow the ship to sail for a very long time protected from the elements and the aggressive marine environment. Windows, balustrades, canopies, accesses, skywalks, innovative refitting solutions: each process is designed and installed in accordance with the precise requirements of the client.

Operational headquarters:
Via Giaffa, 3/3 CAP 16137 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
+39-010-8179990 / 991

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