If one of our goals is to be able to observe and experience the beauty of the external world without boundaries – or rather, through invisible borders – it is also to hide the “less beautiful” parts of a building, creating a new, aesthetically unique and structurally comfortable space.

Our cladding can create barriers with excellent thermal insulating properties, built with state-of-the-art panels and with materials that can adapt to any setting: commercial, industrial and residential. In addition to the detailed study of any structural stress, we design metal walls and cladding that are not only the most advanced from a thermal and technological point of view, but which are also functional and futuristic from an aesthetic point of view. This is why, with Wingeco, the simple cladding of a utility room can become a work of camouflage that can make the environment more harmonious and beautiful. Not only that, we offer almost unlimited design flexibility, creating cladding, roofing and facades with customized features and finishes.

Operational Headquarter:
Via Geirato, 150/R e 152/R CAP 16138 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
+39-010-8179990 / 991