We can say it without fear of being proven wrong: a cruise ship is one of the most beautiful and futuristic constructions that humans can build. A powerhouse of technology, materials, luxury, entertainment and excitement. The sea becomes a large stage ready to exhibit its magnificence without interruption, and cruise ships allow you to be on this stage and appreciate every nuance. Precisely for this reason, the glass elements are essential and distinctive: they allow you to see the beauty of the marine world, they communicate modernity and innovation, but above all they protect the ship and the people in it from the weather and the ferocity of the sea.

WINGECO is the company that produces and installs all the glass elements of a cruise ship, designing personalized solutions for each client: doors, windows, protective screens, balustrades, parapets, barriers, skywalks, accesses for the disabled, walkable glass and much more.

Glass is an extraordinary material. Made up of silica combined with oxides and other coloring or opacifying substances, it is melted at a very high temperature and assumes its definitive form by cooling. Its principal characteristic is its transparency, but it is also highly weather and chemical resistant, has low thermal conductivity and very low electrical conductivity. It is waterproof, light and easy to clean.


In the design and construction of glass balustrades, parapets, balconies and partitions, the two opposite concepts of lightness and solidity coexist. However, as we know, opposites attract, and our aim is to unite these two elements through structural and visual harmony. Corners, inclinations, roundness, transparencies, and reflections: every detail has a constructive and emotional function.

From the windows of lounges and restaurants to the balconies of the cabins, from the sliding entrances to the skywalks with a non-slip surface, from the stairways to the elevators, from the windows of the command bridge to the balustrades and screens for the leisure areas. In every cruise ship, we at WINGECO pursue the extraordinary image of a crystal giant emerging from the water, fitting perfectly in that wonderful balance between sea and sky. Because the task of humankind is to build things of beauty, incorporating them into the natural beauty that the planet offers us.
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