A continuous glass facade delimits the space but allows light to pass through. Its function is protective, representative, but above all emotional: it expresses the relationship between form and function, between internal and external, between physics and emotion. Glass creates an extraordinary visual impact, because its transparency evokes a primordial interplay of light and shadow through a linear surface applied to a modern and innovative structure.

A fully glazed continuous facade successfully integrates the technological elements and a thorough analysis of natural phenomena. The need for lighting translates into the search for transparency and the technical-expressive potential of glass.

The glass panels that make up a curtain wall, in addition to providing an aesthetically creative and surprising solution, allow you to save on construction times and construction costs, , thanks to the rapid, modular assembly. With WINGECO, you can count on a leading company that provides you with tailor-made solutions using high quality materials and state-of-the-art production.


The curtain wall is a construction methodology that enhances the characteristics of a modern structure, and expresses its infinite expressive possibilities. Technically, it involves the use of non-load-bearing outer walls, consisting of the repetition of modular panels. Once assembled on the frame of the building, these panels are used for different purposes: the separation of the inside and the outside, thermal and acoustic insulation, protection from the elements and regulation of the passage of light.

The protagonist of the curtain wall is glass, a material that becomes a distinctive element of a high-tech construction capable of merging with the surrounding environment, hiding itself and at the same time being part of it. Rely on WINGECO for a glass construction designed to meet your company’s requirements, for an innovative solution that can amaze, protect, and communicate.

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