In our collective imagination, glass can transmit a feeling of fragility, refinement, transience. With Wingeco, everything changes. Because we like to subvert the rules and inspire, we like to build materials and structures that are at the forefront of technology, which can transmit new emotions. With us, glass takes on unimaginable characteristics of strength and durability, it acquires new paradigms of sturdiness and resistance, to become an all-round “protective” material.

The glass and aluminum doors and windows that we design and construct for our customers have special aesthetic and structural properties, and are designed to meet the precise needs of the people who will use them and the building where they will be assembled. Their strength will be maximum protection from the outside world, from the elements and from the forces of nature. Any window door or window, both inside and outside, from the one with automated access to the one with an invisible barrier function, will be created, customized and installed with all the functions requested by the client.

Operational Headquarter:
Via Geirato, 150/R e 152/R CAP 16138 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
+39-010-8179990 / 991

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