For some, the sea is only water. For others it is enjoyment, it is escape from everyday life. For still others the sea is… simply inexplicable. We could say that the sea is the true face of infinity, which is discovered through the abyss. We could say that the sea is the most authentic spectacle of nature, which contrasts with the limitation of human beings

The continuous lapping sound of water, the smell of salt, the countless forms of life, complete freedom, and continuous discovery: whatever the sea is, the important thing is to experience it. Those who love it examine its every nuance and explore its wonder. This is why WINGECO designs, builds and installs glass structures and barriers that allow you to experience the sea in a safe and engaging way. Our technology for an invisible hermetic seal allows you to protect the ship’s interiors from threats from the marine world and from weather anomalies, while at the same time allowing you to admire the beauty of the sea without any apparent limit.


We can say it without fear of being proven wrong: a cruise ship is one of the most beautiful and futuristic constructions that man can build. A concentrate of technology, materials, luxury, fun and emotion.


With the refitting we restore what the sea has taken. The repair, restoration and modernization of a ship are operations that require efficacy and attention to detail. We install new generation screens and restore existing ones.


Luxury, escape, adventure. The design of glass structures, balustrades, barriers and other elements takes place following the precise requests of the owner. Each solution will be unique, cared for in every detail, ready to make you discover the spectacle of the marine world.


Even a single transfer can become an unforgettable adventure. A sea voyage without visual barriers will be an engaging experience and will allow the seaman to participate undisturbed in the immensity of nature. With WINGECO the barrier is there, but it cannot be seen.


Invisibility and maximum protection. Our company is the best technological partner for the protection and camouflage of sea defenders. Our glass and aluminum structures are ready for every challenge, and offer the best performance even in extreme situations.

Operational Headquarter:
Via Geirato, 150/R e 152/R CAP 16138 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
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