The wrinkles of an old sea wolf have an impact on their ship, half a thousand crossings and a thousand adventures. Because the sea is a complex system in all its forms. The sea is an endless adventure story. The sea gives and takes away. The sea gifts unimaginable emotions but requires effort, both of humans and materials. This is why a boat, when it exceeds a certain age or activity threshold, needs a targeted refitting, planned down to the last detail.

Refitting should never be underestimated or, worse, considered a simple repair. Planning a refitting strategy means drawing up a restoring solution that integrates the new with the old, it means giving the boat a new life, in step with the times and with current and future technologies. It is possible to adopt similar or alternative solutions, always with full respect for the ship on which we work and, above all, for the precise needs of the owner. Because each ship has its own story to tell and a story yet to be written


Redesigning and modernizing the shell of a boat is an operation that must be planned down to the smallest detail, and therefore it is a task to be entrusted to competent, reliable companies that can provide the highest level of technology. WINGECO handles the refitting of each glass element of a ship’s envelope, from the creation of new structures to the restoration of existing ones. The innovative use of a traditional material such as glass stems from the demands of lightness and mechanical strength for most of the transparent elements in the marine sector. Furthermore, the possibility of stratifying glass with plastic materials in transparent composites and increasing its strength with thermal or chemical tempering processes, allows the use of glass to gain a new and renewed versatility.

Our “made in Genoa” company is proud to satisfy requests and respect the delivery times of all our customers. We work for both Shipowners and General Contractors, designing and installing the best possible solutions for any boat, from large cruise ships to small yachts. We carry out repairs and maintenance on an international level also on ships that are already operational, quickly supplying all spare parts for all types of glass balustrades, windows and doors, and barriers.

Operational headquarters:
Via Giaffa, 3/3 CAP 16137 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
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