Glass and aluminum represent the desire to not set any limits and to cross the boundaries of traditional construction. Because we give design and technology a three-fold role: to support, enthuse and facilitate daily existence. When we think of materials such as iron and reinforced concrete, we think of old-fashioned, fragile structures that inevitably suffer the passage of time.
A glass and aluminum construction, on the other hand, provides you with enormous advantages in terms of endurance, aesthetics and economic savings. With WINGECO, every structural solution can be custom designed to provide the best possible performance. We design and install balustrades, stairs, canopies, partitions, doors, windows and much more.


Our glass and aluminum balustrades are indestructible structures, designed around the characteristics of the building where they will be installed and to the precise requirements of the client. They can be made from scratch or else replace old railings or balustrades that have deteriorated. They do not require any particular maintenance and they comply with all current safety regulations.


Whether on the outside or on the inside, stairs are an architectural element that can enhance an environment. They communicate movement but must be extremely sturdy. We design and install the structure, the steps and the safety balustrades, using two recyclable and innovative materials such as glass and aluminum.

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