WINGECO is the Genoa-based company that designs and installs glass and aluminum enclosures, doors and windows, balustrades, closure and infill elements for the marine and construction sectors.

Our goal is to create invisible barriers that provide the best possible sealing and protection. A WINGECO barrier hermetically seals an environment and protects it from any external agent or adverse climate conditions, while at the same time looking out onto the outside world thanks to its complete and incredible visibility.

We are a young company, but only in name: our team has been working in the sector for more than forty years, putting its experience and specific skills at the service of the market. We offer customized solutions, tailored to each client and their every single need, controlling the entire supply chain and respecting delivery and installation times.


Our goal is the same as that of the client, be it an Owner or a General Contractor: to have the best possible quality in the shortest possible time at a competitive price.


Vision of the market, vision of the world. We could say that vision is the concept that best represents WINGECO, since it defines the symbol-value of our present and future production

Operational headquarters:
Via Giaffa, 3/3 CAP 16137 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY

+39-010-8179990 / 991

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