Vision of the market, vision of the world. We could say that vision is the concept that best represents WINGECO, since it defines the symbol-value of our present and future production.

Our core business is to create invisible barriers that provide a clear and sharp view of everything beyond it, creating a relationship of transparency between the inside and the outside.

The pursuit of maximum visibility, however, proceeds parallel to another key concept: the pursuit of maximum protection. A WINGECO barrier protects, seals, provides safety to people and things, and can withstand all adverse climatic conditions or the outside world. Both in the marine and construction context, our products pursue a double objective: vision and protection.

WINGECO is a Genoese company that designs, manufactures and installs glass and aluminum enclosures, window frames, balustrades, closure and infill elements for the marine and construction sectors. We are a young company, but only in name: even if we have been working together for only 10 years, our team has 40 years of experience in the sector. Design, supply, installation: complete control of the supply chain allows us to respect the delivery and installation times and provide tailor-made solutions according to the customer’s precise requirements.

For WINGECO, technological innovation must go hand in hand with reliability and speed of execution. All processing phases take place in-house in our Genoa headquarters in Via Geirato 150R, from 3D modeling to comprehensive testing operations: only in this way can we have control of every element of production, and only in this way can we provide the performance required by our customers.




We offer customized solutions for each type of client and/or boat, planning the work required and testing each product before assembly.



We control the entire supply chain, from production to installation, providing turnkey solutions and respecting delivery times.



We have the latest cutting-edge machinery, suitable for the innovations in the marine and construction sectors.

Operational headquarters:
Via Giaffa, 3/3 CAP 16137 Genoa (GE) ITALY

Registered Office:
Via Bartolomeo Bosco 57/9 CAP 16121 Genoa (GE) ITALY
+39-010-8179990 / 991

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